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Drug Addiction Treatment

Can you help me find drug addiction treatment for my father who is addicted to drugs? I don't know how to help him.


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Addiction Intervention

Addiction Intervention Drug Rehab Referral

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Are there different kinds of alcohol addiction treatments or are they all basically the same? I need help for my dad and I need to find him the best kind of treatment.

Alcohol Statistics

I was looking at alcohol statistics and I would like to know how they come up with the statistics?

Meth Abuse

Meth abuse is really bad in our area and my question is what can I do to help those people who are addicted? I want to do something but, I don't know what the best thing to do is. I don't want to be taken advantage of in the process of trying to help.

Overcoming Addiction

My question about overcoming addiction is how can I do it? I need help but don't know where to start looking. Can you help me?

Working The 12 Steps

How do I go about working the 12 steps? I'm struggling with all this.

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