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Referral Addiction Assessment And Intervention Assistance

Cocaine Abuse Addiction

I'm suffering from cocaine abuse addiction and I need help in a big way. Is there a way for me to stop? I need help now?


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Addiction Intervention

Addiction Intervention Drug Rehab Referral

Alcohol Rehab Florida

Alcohol rehab Florida helped me get sober for about 4 months. I have recently started drinking again and I need help. Can you send me someplace else?

Alcohol Rehab Treatment Center

I need to find an alcohol rehab treatment center for my cousin. What are my options for her she is 17?

Methadone Heroin Addiction

My methadone heroin addiction is killing me! How can I get helped? I feel like I want to die it hurts to stop using! Please help me stop!

Pain Killer Addiction Symptoms

What are pain killer addiction symptoms and how do you get someone off of pain killers?

Substance Abuse Rehab

Can you help me put my daughter into a substance abuse rehab? She needs help now!

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