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Referral Addiction Assessment And Intervention Assistance

Cocaine Addiction Brain

What kind of effect can cocaine addiction have on the brain? Can it make you lose your memory?


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Addiction Intervention

Addiction Intervention Drug Rehab Referral

Alcohol Drinks

My sister has at least 10 or more alcohol drinks everyday. I know she has a problem but, I don't know how to help her. Can you point us in the right direction for help?

Drug Addiction

My drug addiction to heroin has left me homeless and broke, how can I get help? I have nothing.

Methamphetamine Addiction Symptoms

What are methamphetamine addiction symptoms and how do I know if some one is addicted? I need some information now.

Pain Killer Withdrawal

In regards to pain killer withdrawal how do I know if I'm withdrawing what are the symptoms?

Twelve Steps

What are the twelve steps and how do they work? I am looking for a way to help my friend who is an alcoholic.

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